Signal Spam members adopt a common deontological charter for all e-mailing professions

20 June 2012


During the General Assembly of the Association, Signal Spam members adopted a Charter of Ethics common to all the professions represented. 

The text identifies commitments and good practices to which members subscribe by joining Signal Spam, whether they are internet service providers or messaging services, public authorities, advertisers or professional email senders.

Signal Spam's Code of Ethics establishes a list of objective criteria in the light of which it is possible to assess the level of responsibility and commitment of those involved in the fight against spam. The collaborative work behind the Charter will continue in order to complete and deepen a text that we hope will have a decisive impact on the e-mailing market in France and beyond, and will promote awareness of everyone's responsibilities in the fight against spam. 

In the coming months, each member of Signal Spam will be invited to specify how the Charter's commitments are translated and implemented in their daily practices.



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