Opening message

July 10, 2006

By Dominique Roux,

Spam is a scourge, one of the worst on the Internet: pernicious, as easy to carry out as it is difficult to fight, it is multiform, hidden, intrusive.
To develop, spam relies on the very weaknesses of the computer equipment of citizens, companies and administrations. By infecting these machines to use them without their owner's knowledge, it makes them vulnerable to multiple attacks which, in the long term, can make them completely unusable and dangerous.
By flooding mailboxes, spam makes Internet users victims of crimes, some of which are harmless, but most of which are likely to create a context of legitimate distrust of the Internet, likely to slow down, or even block, its appropriation by the majority of people. I am thinking, for example, of massive frauds, identity theft, the distribution of pornographic or pedo-pornographic images, all of which are transmitted by spam.
The phenomenon of spam has now reached such a scale that only cooperation between all the players on the Internet, public authorities, professionals and users, can give us hope of reducing this scourge to ensure the environment of trust necessary for its harmonious development and respect for the rights of everyone.
For this reason, the "Signal Spam" project has voluntarily sought to bring together representatives of all Internet players. It is the concrete result of three years of work in close cooperation between the French public authorities and the private sector.
"Signal Spam" has been designed to allow users to protect themselves and easily report spam. It will provide authorities and Internet service providers with the information they need to fight against spammers.
It's time to act.

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