New reporting modules for web browsers available

26 January 2016

Each report of spam (whatever its nature - abusive commercial prospecting or cyber-criminal origin) made by an Internet user who considers an e-mail undesirable authorises the collection of precise information and its sharing with the actors capable of deploying counter-measures: the authorities for investigation, the CNIL for regulation and sanction, Internet access and email service providers for network clean-up (by detecting and cleaning infected machines), email senders for unsubscription and commercial regulation, security professionals for better filtering and blocking of unwanted or dangerous messages...

Until now, Signal Spam allowed reporting from e-mail software (the various versions of Outlook in Windows environment, Thunderbird, etc.) or directly on with an online form, allowing to retrieve all the technical information necessary to identify the spammer and the relays involved. In most cases, the user had to make a copy of the source code of the spam and share it online at if they did not use email software. 

From now on, it is possible to report any e-mail perceived as spam from your mailbox (whatever it is: free, gmail, SFR, yahoo, hotmail, laposte) accessed from a web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) in one click with a single, universal button. With this reporting system, Internet users can report their spam regardless of the environment in which they use their email from a computer, enabling them to participate in the collective protection against threats and abuse on the Internet: reporting spam means taking action against the spammer and giving professionals the information they need to take action.

To download the reporting module for Google Chromeuse this link:

Reporting module for Google Chrome

To download the reporting module for Safariuse this link:  

Reporting module for Safari

To download the reporting module for Mozilla Firefoxuse this link: 

Reporting module for Mozilla Firefox

Reporting by Internet users is essential to collective protection. Signal Spam receives an average of 400,000 reports per month: the effectiveness of the action of the association's members is strengthened by each individual report. The reporting modules for Internet browsers will extend the scope of the system, and allow each Internet user to share his or her perception of spam in order to better understand and fight against this multifaceted phenomenon.

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