Signature of an agreement between several SNCD members and Signal spam

18 December 2008

By Charles Fonlupt,

On 27 November, the SNCD and Signal Spam signed a framework agreement defining the terms of intervention of the two institutions in the fight against spam.
On 18 December, the SNCD and Dominique Roux, President of SignalSpam, signed the first partnership contracts with 22 SNCD members. With this signature and as of 18 December, 1000Mercis, Aid, Cabestan, Come&Stay, Dolist, DS Consulting (Activecom), Ecircle, Edatis, Ediware, Emailvision European Hedquarters, Epsilon, Experian Cheetahmail, Iroquois, Le Memo, Mailperformance (NP6), Message Business, Neolane, Première Global Services, Soft Computing, Sogec Datamark Services, Splio and Vertical Mail are committed to the implementation of a feedback loop initiated by Signal Spam and are thus demonstrating their strong commitment to the fight against spam.

The partnership agreement defines the terms of cooperation between Signal Spam and these 22 members of the SNCD and in particular the implementation of the feedback loop, developed by Signal Spam, with these partner companies, members of the SNCD.

This feedback loop will allow Internet users to exercise their right to object. In concrete terms, the use of the SignalSpam button by an Internet user will automatically generate an alert at the SignalSpam platform, which will forward it to the sender of the message, i.e. the router-partner. The latter will have contracted with the controller and will be able to ensure that the right to object is taken into account.

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