Opinion column in the daily newspaper Le Monde on the notion of "cybercrime

3 December 2012


The term "cybercrime" is increasingly used, without it always being clear what it refers to; and the figures put forward in an attempt to qualify the phenomenon are sometimes hazardous, or even subject in some cases to the sole guarantee of security software publishers who have an interest in concluding their studies with colossal amounts generated by the activity of cybercriminals. The fact remains that the profits made by spammers, phishers and all kinds of cybercriminals attest to the interest in a criminal activity that is "less risky" and just as lucrative, if not more so, than the drug trade. Cybercrime exists and is growing, even if it is difficult to define its contours.

In an article published on the Le Monde website, a group of lawyers specialising in the issue of cybercrime propose an analysis that highlights the complexity of the phenomenon and the various pitfalls encountered by those whose jobs are organised around the fight against cybercrime. On the basis of this analysis, the text stresses the need for measures to combat cybercrime that unite the public and private sectors, with particular reference to Signal Spam, which is based on this philosophy of concerted action between industry and the authorities.

To read the article on the lemonde.fr website, follow this link:

Guest Writer: How to better protect citizens and the economy against cybercrime?

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