How do I report an email or URL?

Thanks to the Signal Spam reporting modules, you can not only report any e-mail in your mailbox that you feel does not belong there, but you can also report a dangerous URL (an Internet address) (phishing, scam, illegal content, etc.)

To report spam, simply forwarding an e-mail is not enough because it becomes impossible to retrieve the technical information needed to identify the spammer.

An e-mail consists of 2 elements:

  •  Headers. This is the technical part that you do not see. It requires some manipulation to access it.
  •  The body of the message. This is simply the content you read when you open an e-mail.

These 2 elements together form what we call the source code of an e-mail.
This is what you need to provide in order to report an e-mail.

Reporting with a reporting module

Signal Spam offers methods to report source code very easily with just one click.
Simply install one of the reporting modules that we provide for different email programs and for your browsers. The browser modules are the most comprehensive, as they allow you to report dangerous websites while browsing as well as spam when you check your online email, using the same "owl" button.

Find in the list below the desired module and click on it to access the tutorial:

Reporting without a reporting module

If you do not wish to, or cannot, use one of our reporting modulesyou need to copy and paste into the form in your personal space, the source code of the e-mail you wish to report.

Find your webmail or email software in the list below and click on it to access the tutorial:

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